The Thriving Projects Series. 3 Doing the research and doing it right

3. Doing the research and doing it right

For us to create a thriving project, doing the right research is key. It helps us understand the landscape in which your business needs to communicate, but it also feeds our creativity.  

We need an informed picture of what’s going on outside of your business. What are other organisations already doing and what can you learn from them? Where do you fit in the grand scheme of things?

We usually start the research stage off by asking key questions; then we go in search of the answers. Each project requires different questions, but here are a few we often ask:

Research, asking key questions

These competitor insights help us understand where you currently fit and which spaces you could occupy. They help us craft a unique voice for your brand – one that will stand out from the crowd. 


Next up, to see things from a different perspective, we need to know your audience.

knowing your audience

When we discover the answers to these questions, it feeds our creativity. How can we talk to them? How can your band reflect their needs? This way, we get to the heart of what we need to do for your brand, and we’ll be informed enough to help set your business apart.

Talk to us more about how we can help you stand out with research.

Let’s explore the possibilities of working together and help your project to truly thrive! 

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