4. A Stand Out Concept

Why do some campaigns make a lasting impact while others go by completely unnoticed? It often comes down to what companies do following the research stage – do they jump straight to production or do they first develop a concept?


More than pretty pictures

When we set out to create a thriving project for your business, this phase is essential. Of course, we can move forward without it – we can design your products and send them to print. But without a solid concept, the project will comprise nothing more than pretty pictures and some words on a page. It won’t create an impact.

"Your campaign needs a vehicle to drive your message home."

When not based on a concept, there is no way for your project to bring your audience in, explain what you want them to do, or what you want them to know. Your campaign needs a vehicle to drive your message home to your target audience. This is what a good concept does.


More than meets the eye

We want to find the best mode of transportation for your message. We look at all the research we did in the previous stage, and look for ways we can make your campaign stand out. 

Before we find the perfect idea, we’ll usually have to sift through several ideas that aren’t quite right. Some are good, not great; some are great, but not perfect. We spend time with each idea to make sure it holds up. Your message needs a vehicle that’s just right – one that’s made for the type of terrain your message will travel across is fast enough, and won’t get stuck in traffic. 

The right idea is still not ready to go. It is usually an early model and doesn’t quite have all the features of its later versions. It needs a little time to mature. We work on the idea until it reaches its ultimate form. This is the only version we will show you.  

When we present you with a concept, it’s not just a visual representation of an idea. It’s the visual representation of a carefully selected, developed idea.

A visual framework

With the right idea in hand, we work on its visual representation. What visual elements, printed products, marketing activities, and imagery will best bring this idea to life?

At this stage, we work with sketches and loose illustrations. We consider colours and fonts, words, and tone. Together, they form a clear presentation of the way we imagine your message should travel from you to its recipient.

When we show you the concept, it will be through a collection of sketches and a written explanation. The concept doesn’t look like a polished design or finished product, but it contains all the information you need to understand the direction we’re suggesting.

Together, we’ll discuss the concept’s features and make sure you’re happy with where we’re going. Once we’ve decided on the concept, it becomes the framework for the rest of the project; a big-picture visual guide to where we’re going.  

We start working on the execution once the concept is in place. We’ll create complete versions of our designs and products, and work with you to launch your project or campaign on time.

Do you need help finding a standout concept for your next project?
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