The Thriving Projects Series. 5 Authenticity Attracts Audiences

5. Authenticity Attracts Audiences 

Authenticity is a crucial factor in the success of any project, whether it be a brand identity, a marketing campaign, employee engagement materials, social media posts or simply the sharing of important information. For a project to thrive, it must connect with and expand its audience. Post number 5 in our thriving projects series discusses why it is imperative that any form of communication reflects your message authentically. 

So, how is authenticity key to the success of any project?
Every business should strive for and maintain the perception of being a trustworthy brand. Credibility begins with aesthetics, but visual appeal alone isn’t enough to make your brand genuine; it must be backed up with an honest voice. For this to happen, we already know that what other people say about us when we aren’t in the room is vital, so we look after our customers and clients and ensure they are happy. But what else can we do to prove we are the real deal? 
Every project has a story to tell (if it’s an authentic project, that is!). A good creative agency can take that story and bring it to life. Good stories tend to include people, and people (more often than not) like hearing about other people. Here’s where storytelling comes in; if we can tell our unique story in an engaging way using various methods, people gradually begin to trust and understand us. Whether it’s the people who established the business in the first place or the people that are vital to its success now, if people are at the heart of our story, we are on the path to attracting the right audience for us, and this is true for organisations of all shapes and sizes. 

It's easy to be distracted by market changes and competitors' actions.

If we are being true, this will automatically keep us focussed – It’s easy to be distracted by market changes and competitors’ actions. If we have Authenticity in our arsenal, we’ll have the confidence to keep going along the path that is right for us, and if we make changes, they will be authentic to our mission. If we are genuine in our business, there is a higher likelihood that we’ll attract the people (clients, team members, partners) that can help us to thrive.

If the voice of our brand is authentic, it keeps us sounding human. One thing artificial intelligence can’t do (just yet) is communicate using our perfectly imperfect tone of voice. Our competitors might be using the power of AI to save them time. If we stand out by using our uniquely human voice, people will see this and respond to it.

How can we reinforce the Authenticity of our brand?
So, we’ve established that in business, the more transparent we are, the more authentic we become in the eyes of our audience. If our values are ‘Professional, Reliable and Honest,’ the creative may look very different to a business whose values are ‘Passionate, Collaborative, and Planet Focussed’. Regarding aesthetics, the graphics and imagery we use need to represent and reinforce this. So when we create a project, whether it’s a social campaign, a set of animations, or an information pack, the visuals must echo the words. Sounds easy. Not so fast; it’s more complicated than you think; an excellent creative agency (hello there!) will help you to show the world who you truly are and help you attract the right audience for you. 

Which UK companies are perceived as authentic, and what do they have in common? 

Brand Spark ( have listed the UK’s 2022 most trusted brands. Among them are names like; Fairy, Tesco, Heinz, Boots, Weber (BBQs), LVE Insurance and Ella’s Kitchen. So, what factors do these brands have in common?   

The big guns know that their promise is the core of their brand; it symbolises what they stand for, what they believe and what their world vision is. They make the promise, and they stick to it. Some even deliver above and beyond their commitment. Let’s look at a few examples below:
Weber bbq

At WEBER, we pride ourselves on two things: making barbecues that last and providing a lifetime of excellent customer service. 

Ella’s Kitchen:
Our Mission is to improve children’s lives through developing healthy relationships with food. What started as a promise between a dad + his daughter continues to be our driving force.


To effectively cut through grease, food and grime to leave everything from your forks through to your pans gleaming.

Serving our customers, communities and planet a little better every day.

They know that their promise is their reputation; this is why it’s vital to the success of their brand to strive to uphold it continuously.

1. They know their market
They get to know their target audience inside-out, meaning the brand can fine-tune their marketing to appeal to potential customers. Their brand identity speaks to and addresses the specific needs of their market in a language they can relate to. Their message will cut through the noise of competing brands.

2. They offer a clear promise and a unique proposition

Countless highly successful companies are dominating their industries despite selling products and services that are like those of their competitors. They differentiate themselves by picking the one thing they can do differently or better than their competitors; they focus on this and shout about it.

3. The three C’s
Consistency, consistency, consistency. Let’s consider the importance of this. Successful brands want you to know that you can count on them. By being consistent, they convey their purpose’s stability and strength. They are proving that they are focused, serious in what they do, and always follow through. Without consistency, people become confused about the brand, unsure what it stands for, and they disengage.


4. They use the power of storytelling
Storytelling can be a powerful way to bring our message to life. As mentioned above, people are most interested in people, not things. We buy on emotion and justify with logic. 

Stories can shed light on the remarkable personalities and achievements behind your brand that your audience will love to hear about. When creating a brand story, start with what you know about your audience. Find characters that they most identify with. These characters might be people in your company or other customers you’ve served well over the years.


5. Audience engagement beats the hard sell
Successful brands know how to engage with their audiences. They know how to build credibility, trust and familiarity, this means people are much more likely to buy from them. People no longer want to be talked at or sold to; they want to experience what brands stand for and feel part of their actions. 

Authenticity - an essential factor in giving any project, brand or piece of communication the wings to fly.

So, what do we get if we mix all of the above ingredients in a pot? That’s right; you guessed it, Authenticity! When a business can match what they say they do to what its audience experiences, they’ve achieved Authenticity.

If we fall short, make promises we can’t keep, and are too forceful in our communications, it won’t be long until people catch on. They’ll be under the impression that we’re not quite who we say we are – not genuine, not authentic.

So there we have it, Authenticity – an essential factor in giving any project, brand or piece of communication the wings to fly. Authenticity must run deep to be effective. When done right, our audience will be drawn to us, want to be a part of what we do, and they’ll be proud to associate with us, but most of all, they’ll trust us to fulfil their needs.

Do you need help telling your authentic story?
We would love to help you to show your audience who you really are.

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